Best Quadcopter with Camera

SWEET! You’ve decided to join the quadcopter craze!

best auadcopter with cameraLooking for your first UAV drone or to upgrade to an expert model? We’ve got all the best right here! Having all the facts and knowing the best models is critical so we’ve done all the research and give you the full critique on ONLY the best models with loads of positive reviews and an proven flight history. If you’re going to spend the bucks you might as well have the best quadcopter with camera facts!

Whether you’re wanting an FPV camera for flying long distances and seeing the views live or you want to capture aerial footage there are copters that can do it all! Some quads don’t have a camera and are meant just for flying fun. Others can be combined with excellent HD cameras like the GoPro models and give you an excellent cinema quality

We’ve brought all the best quadcopters with cameras here and sorted them for easy buyers guide! You’ll find reviews, feature spotlights and more to help you find just the right copter for your needs….AND WANTS! :)

Below you’ll find several reviews of the best quadcopters that with either a compatible with cameras or have a camera built in. Also you’ll see just below here we’ve sorted the best models into a helpful comparison table so you can see at a quick glance the differences and pick the drone that’s just right for you!

Drone Comparison Table

ImageModelRangeCameraFPVFlight TimeRatingCost
DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 Quadcopter with FPV HD Video Camera and 3-Axis GimbalVideo Camera (White)2500 ft1080P Built In w/ 3 way gimbleYes (iOS)25 min4.2 Stars$$$$$
DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter with Integrated FPV Camcorder980 ft1080P Built In w/ 1 way gimbleYes (iOS)25 min4.4 Stars$$$
New DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-3d 3-axis Gimbal and Gopro Hero4 Black Edition980ftINCLUDES GoPro & GimbleNo22 Min4.5 Stars$$$$$
DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter V2.0 Bundle with 3-Axis Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal for GoPro980 ftGoPro and Gimble NOT INCLUDEDNo25 min4.6 Stars$$$$
DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter (White)980 ftCompatible with GoProNo15 min4 Stars$$$
UDI-RC Super UFO RTF Quad Copter w/camera - Big Size, 4 Ch300 ft2 MP Built InNo10 min3 Stars$$
Hubsan X4 (H107C HD) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quad Copter with 720p HD Camera - Red/Black300 ft720P Built inNo5-7 min3 Stars$
*New Version* UDI U818A-II Discovery 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with HD Camera RTF300 ft720P Built inNo5-7 min3 Stars$
Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter w/ Camera150 ft720P Built inNo5-7 min4 Stars$

Best Model Reviews

Phantom 2 Vision+ Review

Improved V3.0 model

DJI responds quickly to improve their drones and has done just that with the new V3.0 Phantom Vision+. They have resolved some issues with propellers coming lose by making them self tightening as well as some issues with battery connections failing in flight. Both of these and more issues have been addressed in the newest model. You can still find the older 2.0 and original models available, but they don’t have the improvements.

Ultimate long range flight AND safety


With so many fail safes you’ll feel confident flying and filming with Phantom 2 Vision+ quad. It uses two wifi signals to keep you connected and in control. One is at 2.4gh and connects to your iOS devices for FPV flight. The other is 5.4ghz which is the control channel. If you lose connection? Not to worry the build in RTH (return to home) feature takes your copter back to te location of the transmitter using GPS coordinates, hovers and lands safely. These types of features have made the DJI Phantom family of drones the leader in ready-to-fly copters.

Out of the box STABLE HD video

Other models require a lot of aftermarket assembly and calibration. The Phantom 2 Vision+ includes a 3 way gimble already installed and a 14mp HD 1080 camera that can shoot at 30fps. The included 4gb SD card can hold about 1 hour of footage. Upgrade your SD card for even more filming. Whether you’re an dji_phantom_vision_plus_flyingamateur photographer or filmmaker you’ll find this camera is capable of amazing camera work. If high definition cameras are important choose the Phantom 2 Vision+.

Longer flight times

Not only is the range exceptional, but expect near double flight times with the Phantom 2 Vision+. Additional battery capacity extends flights up to 25 min. Some people are reporting flight speeds up to 40 mph depending on wind conditions. Easily can catch objects or people in motion with the exceptional max speed of 22 mph.

Not the best multi-rotor drone for beginners, but easy to learn

Over and over again people who review the DJI Phantom drones complain about crashing. While you need to be aware that this is a risk, those with positive experiences seem to have a good understanding of how quadcopters work and fly in different conditions. So if you’re considering the Phantom family of copters for your first plan on taking time to get to know them before trying any extended flights!

Phantom 2 Vision Review

All the great features of Phantom + a 1080p camera

You’ll find all the same great features in the basic Phantom quadcopter here plus an included 1080p camera that can shoot crysal clear stills and capture excellent high quality, high resolution footage. A single axis control allows for panning so you can fly and capture more sophisticated panning shots.dji_phantom_2_vision

Better battery life + FPV

An improved LiPo (lithium polymer) battery extends flight times from the original 15 minutes now up to 25 minutes on single charge. Using the built in wifi and GPS features you can now see first person (FPV) what your drone is seeing using an iOS device. With a robust range of 980 feet you’ll be able to fly over and around large buildings, treed areas and bodies of water without problem. Be careful though, this type of flying is for experienced pilots only!

Built for fun AND safety

All of the Phantom quadcopters now features a RTH (return to home) feature that allows the quad to located the transmitter using GPS coordinates should you lose connection for some reason. Keeping your investment, footage and drone safe is critical and DJI has done an excellent job of all these.

Phantom 2 for GoPro Review

Flying with camera options!

DJI has really done a fantastic job becoming the industry leader in quadcopters for people who are ready to move past the toy versions. This model is a great quad that has flight time as 15 minustes and a top speed of 22mph. The DJI Phantom UAV is able to fly outdoors thanks to the GPS positioning that can compensate for wind drift and a respectable range of 980 feet! With simple 5 step startup you’ll find yourself going from unboxing to in the air in a short time thanks to ready-to-fly (RTF) design.

Excellent design, features, reviews

Whenever a product is a fan favorite you can trust it’s done right. The Phantom UAV Drone is just that with over 400 positive reviews you’ll be very happy with this in your “toy box”.

A few great features income the ability return home on autopilot so you don’t have to worry about it’s primary direction, super simple start up function by just moving the two sticks towards each other and down to initiate the rotors and best of all the compatibility with the legendary GoPro HD camera series for cinema quality footage!dji_phantom_reviews

This model is also compatible with the extremely popular and well loved Zenmuse 3 way gimble so when you’re ready to go camera enable you’re in for the best of the best for gear.

A few drawbacks

Due to the radio design this model is not compatible with FPV systems or wifi streaming systems as it will interfere with the radio signal causing flight issues. Being a more complicated model than the typical rc quadcopters only those with moderate skill level should consider this for their next investment. While crashes are unlikely given all the gyrp features and autopilot, this could be a costly mistake for an amatuer pilot or child.

Best quadcopter camera considerations

The rc drone and quad copter revolution has companies jumping on board so new models and features are arriving daily, howver there is no denying the DJI Phantom series of drones has become the benchmark for ready to fly models. However the right choice for the best quadcopter really depends on a few things. Let’s cover a few.

Hobby, work or gift?

Will your new rc drone be for you or for someone else? It’s good to consider this as you know your skill level and can make good judgement calls based on your experience and ability. If you’re not sure the person who will be operating the copter has any experience it might be best to find a way to inquire before buying. Anyone can learn to operate them, but if you’re aiming at a gift for a child then you might want to look closer at the toy models as they are more affordable to repair.dji_phantom_wifi_fpv2

Experience level of the pilot

Learning to fly is a great experience and once you’ve had your first taste you’ll want to fly often. If you’re a pro pilot then any of the quadcopters will serve you well as they all have great flight controls, multi axis gyros built in and should be a breeze to operate. If this will be your first then you might want to consider a more basic model or at least one that doesn’t have a lot of extras built in just in case you have an accident. Learn to fly, then move on to the filming and other fun activities!

Budget! Don’t forget repairs!

Crashes and bumps are inevitable. Even the best of pilots can have an accident here and there. So when you’re shopping be sure to consider not only the up front cost of the drone, but the upkeep costs too. In most cases this will include propellers. If something more serious needs repaired you may need to ship the item in for service.

Why Phantom 2 Vision+ is the best drone with camera

Gimble means full camera control

A gimble makes the sophisticated work of aiming a camera and creating smooth shoots a breeze. A good 3 way gimble gives you an incredible amount of control so you’re shots are litereally unlimted. The Phantom 2 Vision+ includes a ready to go, calibrated 3 way gimble included with the 1080p camera so out of the box you will be capable of shooting incredible footage and images.

Ready tdji_phantom_2_unboxingo fly and easy to setup

Getting something as complicated as flight to happen out of the box is no small accomplishment. Yet with minimal calibration and a few adjustments the Phantom 2 is ready to go airborne. Charging the battery is a breeze with the included charger and installing the props is very simple as well. You’ll be buzzing around the skies in no time!

Long flight time and safety features

Whether you’re having fun or working flight time is important. I remember as a kid always being heart broke when we had to go charge the battery on our model plans and cars. This 5200mh LiPo battery provides flight times up to 25 minutes with is sure to give your neck a run for its money doing all that looking up!

Safety is a major priority for the Phantom series of drones and the Phantom 2 has all of the lastest features includes RTH (return to home) which should you lose connection with the model it will locate the transmitter and return safely, hover and land. These types of features are critical when you get seroius about outdoor and long range flight.

Wifi FPV

While there have been limiting regulations put on FPV (first person view) models this remains one of the most fun and useful features in a quadcopter. Being able to see in realtime the view of the drone is exciting and helpful when you’re guiding it around either for filming, fun or other activities. Otherwise it’s a bit of a gamble what your footage will look like.

How does a quadcopter fly?

Quadcopters are unlike many aircraft because of how they achieve the three primary controls used for flight. These are pitch, roll and yaw. Unlike airplanes and helicoptors which have to tilt to turn, due to the way their controls manipulate the air, a quadcopter is controlled by adjusting the thrust or torque generated by the different motors. (Reference) This can be hard to grasp at first. Here’s an image that can help clarify. You’ll see the two motors opposite each other turn the same direction, but the adjacent motor turn the opposite direction. This creates a balanced rotational force. However when all motors are not in sync you get movement from the copter. You’ll see some examples in this image.

How d

By adjusting the speed and therefore thrust of each rotor the quadcopter achieves the 3 primary controls of flight. For example to turn right the rotors which are spinning to counter-clockwise would speed up, causing the copter to spin to the right. To move right counter-clockwise motors maintain a constant speed and the clockwise motors simultaneously vary their speed. One slower, one faster. This causes weight to overcome the slower motor’s thrust and the other overcomes the weight of the copter and pushes to the right.

As you can see the electronics behind a drone are quite complicated. This is why they were discontinued for manned flight in favor of the helicopter as it was simply too exhausting for a single person to control. The algorithms and micro electronics available now make these amazing flying machines both simple to operate and affordable to own.