Best Quadcopter Interactive Guide

best quadcopter

So you’ve decided to join the quadcopter craze… good for you! Quadcopters are a lot of fun and one of the latest advancements in technology. Now, everyone can own their own quadcopter for an affordable price, order it online, and it can arrive on your doorstep in just a couple of days.

In this interactive guide you’ll be able to find the best quadcopters for 6 different categories: micro quadcopters, mini quadcopters, quadcopters with camera, beginner quadcopters, quadcopters for aerial photography and last but not least, quadcopters for aerial video. In total 18 models made it to the top of our communities’ list.

Thank you to everyone who helped to review these quadcopters so that we could provide you only the best options in the market.


Micro quadcopters are tiny little guys that can be great to start out with or great to give the younger folk as gifts (think 10 year old boys).

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A mini quadcopter is just slightly bigger than a micro quadcopter.

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Quadcopter with Camera

Quadcopters with cameras are extremely popular because not only do you get the joy of flying your RC toy but you can take photos on your flight as well. There is endless fun to be had.

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Quadcopters come in many shapes, sizes and even require different skill sets to operate. Some quadcopters are more difficult to fly than others.

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Aerial Photography

Stepping it up a notch, some quadcopters are perfect for taking professional aerial photos. These are different than simply quadcopters with cameras.

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Aerial Video

Similar to aerial photography, some quadcopters are equipped for aerial video as well. These range in quality and price but are more on the higher end of the spectrum.

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